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Cinema Hub

Cinema Hub - Mobile App

dandya iPhone X Mockup V1-1_cinema Hub+2.jpg


Why isn’t there a great all-purpose hub for all your movie/show favorites? We have access to so many streaming services, but nothing that lets you search across all your platforms. Often, by the time we are done “researching” what to watch, we are so worn out we have lost interest.


A hybrid of all the review & watching platforms: an APP driven by Rotten Tomatoes ratings, and allowing you to easily import your past ratings from Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon. One that would even allow the user without streaming services to rate movies directly though the app. It would then offer suggestions for what to watch next. It would also let you search by genre or artist (actor, director, studio), connect with your friends or celebrities (like the Spotify model) to see what movies they have favorited recently, how they ranked certain movies, and find recommendations that way,  see showtimes / which platform(s) you can stream from, and even buy tickets via your favorite third-party platforms.


Browse Available Titles

Scroll through titles that are available for streaming. User will have already indicated which streaming services they have accounts with when they created an account. 

User can see Rotten Tomatoes Scores from this screen to make quick decisions. Or they can bookmark a title immediately and save it for later in their “watch later” page.



Sort by Genre

To narrow down the title options available for selection, the user can sort the titles by genre. Select as many genres as you would like to help find a title you are in the mood to watch. The more genres you select, the closer you get to finding the title you’d like to watch, and the faster you can find it. 

From there the user can then view the sorted titles and see more information about each one. 



View Selected Title

Once you have narrowed down your options, select a title to view more detailed information about it, including categories such as Summary, Scores, Cast Members, Length, or Release Date. From here the user can add to their watch list or again start streaming the title immediately. 

The user could also add a rating to the title if they have already seen it and would like to further improve the algorithm of predicted scores for future titles.


Final Design

Hi-Fi Wireframes & User Flow


Visual Design

Mood Board Pastel Fractal

After exploring several different design styles, I decided on this path. One option I explored seemed too similar to other movie applications, with high-contrast back & white with red; another option was a bit too hard to read with the a dark background and light colored text.

In the final direction I wanted to create a subtle sense of hierarchy with tone, rather than with too many different colors, so the content would not conflict with the movie poster art being featured on each screen.


Color, Typography, & Iconography

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