Website Redesign

Redesign of “”


Existing Page


Analysis of existing design

-All of the words, both in the navigation & in the title, have a drop shadow to the text, not giving the title enough hierarchy, and making the navigation text significantly harder to read.

-Navigation typeface could differ more from the main title, perhaps by using a thinner stroke to the text?

-The text is too large & too much line space

-There is no order to the pages of the website in the navigation. There are several instances where there could be a dropdown box implemented to streamline things and make it less confusing for the user. (Reviews >Canon, Sony, Nikon, etc..)

-Links Navigation on the bottom row isn’t vital to have on the main navigation. It could be brought down to the bottom of the page (especially since they link to the main pages of those retail websites, and nothing in particular). *marked in pink

-Search button is clumped into the rest of the navigation, making it the only icon; it also does not appear to be aligned with the text very well.

-The entire navigation is just centered under the main title of the website, left or right justifying it would have given a greater impact to the main title (perhaps left & right justification based on the navigation page topic?)


On a mobile device the images are much more pleasant to interact with, but on a desktop the images become too large to fit in the view area all at once, overwhelming the user.

Mobile Screen:

On mobile version there isn’t enough margin room for the navigation text to breathe.

Overall: The overall impression of this website is chaotic and harsh. The typography does not seem in proportion or balanced, the spacing and font sizes make it difficult to process visually, and the stark white background contributes to making it even more confusing for the user. There is a general lack of hierarchy and clarity; even though the website actually functions, it is an ordeal to work your way through it.